Friday, January 15, 2010

ADMT-Environment :D

There are quite a few types of environment, I picked a few types that i find more familiar and some quite unfamiliar ones. Let's see...

1. Environmental Science- It is a interdisciplinary field that involves both physical and social sciences. It causes the surrounding conditions that affect man and other organisms as natural and human resources are interdependent, which means that the use or misuse or one affects the other.
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2. Natural Environment- It is commonly referred to as simple the environment, causes all living and non- living things occurring naturally on Earth or some other region thereof. There are some components that help to distinguish the concept of Natural Environment , such as the complete ecological units that function as NATURAL systems without massive human intervention, including all vegetation, animals, microorganisms, soil, rocks, atmosphere and natural phenomena. As well as the universal natural resources and physical phenomena that lack clear cut boundaries, such as air, water, climate, energy, radiation, electric charge, and magnetism, which are not originating from human activity.
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3. Environmental Art- It refers to art dealing with ecological issues or the natural, formal, political, historical or the social context. In the early phases of environmental art, it was the most associated with sculpture, but now it encompasses many media.
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I think that the environment is the surroundings that we live in, but it does not only contain living things, but non- living things as well. We humans depend on other living things, and they depend on us as well. Non-living things are made by humans, not made naturally. things that are part of the natural environment occur naturally, not by humans. Environmental Art is made by humans, it started from sculptures and now it has been improved into media.

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