Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Semester 2- The Elderly Challenge

1) What have you learnt?
I learnt that thinking of a product and making a product are very different. Firstly, thinking of a product only requires one to think and to just sit and let the ideas come. But to make a product gives a much greater impact. I learnt the steps of processing information and to make sure my product would turn out well. Success always begins with small, little steps. I had to study the difficulties of the elderly and to see if I can think of a product that would help. I would need to ask myself a lot of questions like Will this work? or Does the elderly really NEED my product? This required a lot of thinking and many steps like researching, testing, presenting my product etc. Critical thinking is definitely needed for this elderly challenge. Other than the above, I also learnt that the elderly needs more help in the various ways possible. Listening to my friends' presentations, I saw the many different aspects that the elderly would need help in. Example: Walking, picking things up, household chores etc. I think the purpose of this elderly challenge is that it not only focuses on ADMT skills, but also planning and to see what elderly need help in.

2) What are the difficulties encountered?
At first, I could not come up with the correct questions to aid me in thinking of a product. Then I had problems if I would stay with my product or to think of something else. I had problems with researching on the current products and Finding the necessary materials needed for my prototype.

3) How did you overcome the difficulties?
I would consult teachers for assistance on thinking of questions, answering my own questions and researching. For the materials part of the prototype, I replaced The materials with other materials with similar functions and can fit to the expectations of the product.

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