Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ergonomics I

Comparing the two workplaces:
The more high-tech workplace has all the items that solved all the issues like comfort and simplicity, incorrect height and depth, task lighting, freedom of movement, prolonged laptop use and usable desk space. It has an easily adjustable chair, a monitor arm (so that the computer would not take up too much space on the table), the freedom chair (a chair which can be adjusted to the likes of its user, like handles, height, depth...), The L2 laptop holder ( something that props the laptop up so that there is more space to spare to write notes. ) It also has an access rail, a rail that the laptop is attached to and can be pulled out from. The not so good workplace could not fit the meets of the worker, as the chair could not be adjusted to make him feel comfortable as he was leaning too forward and his facial expression showed no comfort. The lighting was either too little or too much. He had too many things on his table that he had no more space to put the necessary things, yet alone move freely. His laptop could not be propped to his favorable height.

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