Tuesday, March 9, 2010


1. What are the 3 key takeaways from today’s lesson?
During presentations, we should have lesser words and present more on the slide so that the audience would listen to you, knowing the information is not on the screen. We should think further before drawing out our ideas to see smaller details like time. the audience should not be too noisy. :D

2. Name 2 concepts that you have learnt today pertaining to design and describe why is it important in design?
Creativity and planning. Creativity is needed in most design as it is needed to attract people to look at it and be curious about it. Planning is needed to be able to have long-term ideas and the project should not take too long to be ready.

3. What is the 1 interesting thing that you have learnt today?
Simple things as the topic organic food can be so interesting.

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